Photography : Janine Guldener

An artist that expresses herself diversely through her work, Mitra Romina Karimi is inspired by nature, science and life. She strives for the exact and rigor while having a passionate eye for the unobvious, thereby orchestrating a constant interplay between the very reality of our nature and the surreal.


Driven by her passion for fine art, fashion design and writing, she has refined her skills in oil painting, illustration and designing clothes. Having graduated in Design & Fashion, Mitra has been working with renowned German fashion houses Hugo Boss and ODEEH. Recently, she has been working with the critically acclaimed theatre „Schauspielhaus Zürich“ in Switzerland as a costume designer.


Mitra has founded her own fashion label MRK including mens- and womenswear. Her collections reveal the sources of her inspiration and her dedication: the aspiration for contrasts.